Episode 0: Bay & Bloor

A trumpet player sends his sounds into the flow of the city.

The intersection of Bay St and Bloor St in Toronto is one of the busiest in the city. It’s a central spot in the midst of the city’s high fashion district. Condo buildings and skyscrapers create kilometers high walls around you.

I stood at the Northwest corner, with a transit station around the corner to my left, a road jostling with vehicles in front of me, and pedestrians chatting or rushing head-down before me. I was one of those pedestrians rushing head-down into the crowds, when I was pulled from the flow by the sound of a trumpet player.

His music challenged the flow of the city and I found it striking. With my recorder resting on a flower pot, I took in the scene around me, and enjoyed my pause in the flow of a city.

This is the first episode of Sounds Like Life – a radio show and podcast that reminds me to drift out of the flow and enjoy the scene.

Sounds Like Life is a proud member of PIP – Peterborough Independent Podcasters.

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